Friday, March 22, 2013

New Hangar for APR Aerospace Engineering

APR, an established training organisation under part 66 is expanding its wings to venture into aircraft maintenance. The historic even in the Malacca Airport on 22 March 2013 marked the beginning of APR Aerospace Engineering.

The local English daily carried the news...
Some the photos are included below...
The large audiences. The staff and students from APR Aviation Trainees. 

The Chief Minister  of Melaka, giving his launching speech. 

MRO,  145 and 147 Organisations is Mutually Supporting.

 Under EASA, the organisations are divided according to the different parts of the Regulation. The aircraft maintenance is under part 145 and the training organisation is under part 147. Organisations approved under the 145 regulations are called 145 organisation and those approved under 147 are called 147 organisations.

The running of 147 organisations require the practical training for the students. Thus it is a matter of strategic directive to build the 145 capabilities. The investments will be considered a down stream expansion for the present company. 


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